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I glad to share my impression about FECBEK.
When I discovered this fashion online shopping mall I fell in love on first sign. I was immediately attracted by amazing pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories. I couldn't decide what I want to first see and put on my wishlist. Considering I new blogger, I believe that you've already had experiences with FECBEK and their products.
My opinion is that they absolutely understand customer needs and provide high quality of products and services. Especially I like because they provide the latest clothing in world women’s fashion at a favorable price. Also, FECBEK offers great discounts.

 OSCAR 2015
Who will elicit the most sighs? Which dress will be the most beautiful? About whom will be the most spoken and written for the next months? 
For years the stars try to charm us with theirs glamor and twinkle to their full shine. Some of them do that from year to year, while we also remember fashion failures, exaggerating and lack of taste. And this year we certainly expect long dresses to dominate because they are ideal for such occasion. World creators will show the world their the best creations on 87th Oscar award this year. We are looking forward February 22th.

Golden globe

My safe choice

Black and white

Do you agree with me that the black and white will be unsurpassed combination forever?
Each new season brings us new trends and colors but we know that we can always wear black and white at any time. It can seem like a very simple choice but it is sometimes better to look the simplest.
Black and white by marijavelimirovic featuring a sport jacket
White Stuff longsleeve t shirt

Unreal Fur white faux fur vest

MANGO sport jacket

Witchery stretchy jeans

Wanted kohl shoes

The Cambridge Satchel Company black leather handbag

in black grid fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap - Spoonflower

Take the air! People can control their breathing when they wish. When you feel some negative sensations or you feel tired, worried or afraid, just pay attention on your breath. Close your eyes and just breathe, deep and calm. Every exhale is relief. It sounds very easy but it is not such easy to stop thoughts. Our mind always wanders. We need to stop our thoughts and focus on breathing. Good exercise is count, when you inhale count to 5 and when you exhale count to 5. Repeat this exercise a few minutes. Stay in the present moment and allow yourself to feel relief. Everybody can do that. Just breath.

Pure passion

Do you feel good in leather clothes!?

How many girls can wear leather clothes? Are leather clothes comfortable on the skin or not?

Today, you can find good pieces of leather for your outfit and you can combine what you want for your daily or night look. Leather jackets are complemented with pants or skirts, you just should find what you like and go on...And yes, can be really good and comfortable and you will be noticed everywhere. 
Pure passion by marijavelimirovic featuring black handbags
Alexander McQueen silk blouse

Doublju fake leather jacket

Genuine leather pants

Nly Shoes black boots
$62 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors black handbag

"You're only happy person whom I know," said one man to William James, American philosopher and psychologist. "You always put a smile on your lips, even when you face with the greatest difficulties.""No, I don't smile because I'm happy," said James. "I am happy because I always smile." This is reminder from Paulo Coelho who likes to quote William James, famous philosopher of happiness. Key of human happiness is in smile. So start smiling and laughing as much as you can and you will see amazing things around you. Just start...give the one smile everyone, everywhere...on the street, when you wait in bank, post office....maybe you will change day to someone, make someone happy or just give good energy. Give away your smiles freely and enjoy.

Casual and cosy