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A smile costs nothing but gives much

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Just do it

This is really powerful sentence that tells everything, so simple but so important, just do it, go for, take action..whatever is mean for you in this moment. I heard it so many times, read, noticed. Even the slogan of popular world brand sends us same message. Just do it. But, often it is easier said that done. First step and taking action are the hardest. We know it is not enough just positive thinking, wishing something or, how today we can hear, visualize and write down your goals. It is necessary every day do a little, step by step, with will, desire and enthusiasm, just do things which inspire and rejoice you, also learn, educate...whatever action for you means. If you have some goal and strong willing to achieve it, it is needed to do something every single day, because waiting ideal conditions, right people or perfect time, you will wait forever. It is necessary dare and go for. Just do it.Long  time I thought that is important to try because "You won't know if you don…


After long time I would like to share my inspiration with you.. I needed break to realize that I want to have contact through my blog with all of you, but not just doing trendsetting and posts about outfits..I want to write my thinking about different themes, about psychology, lifestyle, health. I hope that many of you will recognize my messages through my posts. However, this blog became from love toward beauty, fashion and woman style so it will keep it. 

Be stylish

Be stylish by marijavelimirovic featuring a floral print dress Floral print dress
3380 RSD -

Hollister Co utility jacket
2895 RSD -

Bootie boots
9170 RSD -

White handbag
2895 RSD -

Shein dress

Shein dress by marijavelimirovic featuring a high heeled footwear Dress
1545 RSD -

3 4 sleeve dress
1050 RSD -

Yves Saint Laurent high heeled footwear
85690 RSD -

Brown purse
3015 RSD -

Liquid eyeliner
1835 RSD -


Stripes by marijavelimirovic featuring platform sandals Long sleeve midi dress
6280 RSD -

Steve Madden platform sandals
5875 RSD -

MICHAEL Michael Kors shoulder handbag
22770 RSD -

Geometric earrings
225 RSD -

4015 RSD -

1765 RSD -

Take a break and let your soul rest

Take a break and let your soul rest by marijavelimirovic featuring handmade home decor Wood floor lamp
19035 RSD -

Faux fur rug
2020 RSD -

Porcelain mug
1170 RSD -

Anthropologie cotton curtain
6470 RSD -

3 pc canvas wall art
8085 RSD -

Round vase
35695 RSD -

Handmade home decor
13800 RSD -

522550 RSD -

Accent table
191600 RSD -

Ready for summer love

Ready for summer love by marijavelimirovic featuring a spaghetti strap dress Chicwish spaghetti strap dress
5420 RSD -

MICHAEL Michael Kors block heel shoes
8725 RSD -

Carven brown handbag
15365 RSD -

Marni round lens sunglasses
46340 RSD -